About Homeopathy

Hardly anyone knows what Homeopathy really means. Something to do with applying herbs or oils people say to me, but it’s neither. Homeopathy is a liberating form of medicine which treats you holistically and totally individually. No two people are exactly the same and homeopathy factors this into the treatment. Medicines are given at the end of the consultation and your progress is monitored. The treatment can be adjusted at anytime.

But what is Homeopathy really?

It is a system of medicine that applies a specific set of principles based on the concept of similars; treating symptoms with substances that create those symptoms. Not only that, homeopathy uses a bank of incredible medicines which are gentle yet powerful. It is a system of medicine that creates health, transforms symptoms and creates balance. Homeopathy treats acute illness and also chronic disease. It’s about learning how to manage your health and becoming a healthier, more enlightened version of yourself.

What does it do?

Because of that principle of similarity and the reality that homeopaths use thousands of medicines which have an impact on mental, emotional and physical symptoms, there is very little that a homeopath cannot treat successfully. Homeopathy creates balance by applying this principle of similars, not opposites.

What is it like?

It’s not difficult, we listen, and we talk. The homeopathic consultation can last up to 90 minutes as the practitioner seeks to learn about the disease or condition in its entirety. Then your Homeopath will prepare an assessment and treatment strategy which is tailored to the individual. You will be given your medicine at the end of the first consultation.

What is the medicine?

There are thousands of specially prepared medicines taken from the world. Preparation is very specific according to pharmacopeia standards. Infinitesimal dilutions are created in laboratories and applied to tablets or taken as drops.

There are no documented contraindications or drug interactions created by a patient taking homeopathic medicine in addition to any other treatment or medicine from another healing modality.

Homeopaths apply a principle that has been used in medicine for 2500 years. Homeopaths treat the whole person; each individual patient is treated as an individual. It’s natural medicine at its best.