About Felicity Gray

FelicityOriginally from New Zealand, Felicity came to the UK in 1990. She graduated from The College of Homeopathy in 1998 as a Professional Homeopath, and is now a Registered Member of  The Society of Homeopaths.  Felicity runs a monthly homeopathic supervision group in West London, and keeps up to date with the latest in holistic medical information with regular seminars and conferences.
Felicity has been practicing Homeopathy locally for over 14 years and joined the medical team at The Westover in Notting Hill, in 2009.
To support your treatment, Felicity is a registered member of several support organisations, such as Biocare, Nutri, as well as Genova Diagnostics. Genova is a diagnostic laboratory used mainly for allergy and sensitivity diagnosis.
Homeopathy is frequently used for immune boosting, or to treat symptoms such as repetitive colds, eczema, acne, earaches and sore throats, anxiety, grief, cystitis, thrush, PMS or menstrual/ menopausal symptoms and infertility.

For further information about Homeopathy or Felicity Gray, please do not hesitate to contact us.